Twitter Pitch to Us: What you need to Know

Tune in to our submissions webinar Wednesday 29th June at 5:30pm GMT.

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Darley Anderson Agency Twitter #PitchtoDA

The team at Darley Anderson are really excited to be hosting our first twitter pitch event #PitchtoDA. This is a unique opportunity for writers of adult fiction to pitch their unpublished novels directly to our agents and a chance for us to request the first three chapters and a synopsis from the authors whose pitches we like. We are looking for our next bestseller in the adult commercial fiction market!

How does it work?

From 9AM-9PM GMT on Tuesday 28th June, tweet a pitch for your novel of up to 280 characters using the #PitchtoDA hashtag. You can also use the optional hashtags to indicate the genre of your novel – please see the FAQs below for a list. (But please do make sure you do this in addition to #PitchtoDA so that don’t miss your pitch.) If we would like to read your first three chapters, we will “like” your tweet.

If we “like” your pitch, please send three chapters and a synopsis via email to and use “#PITCHTODA” in the subject line of your email.


Who can submit, and what can they submit?

We would like to read a pitch from any writer working on a novel for adults who has three complete chapters and a synopsis ready to submit.

The prize

As well as requesting submissions from all the pitches that have us hooked, we will be choosing our single favourite pitch of the day. We will request the full manuscript from the winning pitch and offer a Zoom consultation with a member of the Darley Anderson team. We’ll contact the winner by DM within a week of the pitch party, so please make sure you are accepting DMs if you’d like to be contacted.

What are we looking for?

Some of the best books can be summed up in a single line. This is what we often work on ourselves when we pitch our authors’ work to Editors! Here at Darley Anderson, we specialise in commercial, page-turning, conversation-starting fiction and would love to find something that ticks all of these boxes. It can be any genre from crime/thriller, women’s fiction, historical fiction, bookclub to spicy romance.

We want to be immediately grabbed by your concept and desperate to find out more. Draw us into your plot, your characters or setting with a hook we haven’t read before. You can look at our website to give you an idea of the authors and books we love and represent. At this time we are not looking for any non-fiction work.

Do I have to have a completed manuscript to enter?

It’s not essential that you have a completed manuscript at this stage.

Can I pitch multiple novels or novellas or short stories?

No, please only pitch only the novel you believe to be your strongest concept that you are most keen to see published. We are not looking for novellas or short stories at this time.

Can I participate if I don’t live in the UK?

Absolutely! We’re open to receiving submissions from anywhere in the world and represent clients in France, the US, Australia and beyond. We just ask that the manuscript is written in English.

What should I do if you don’t “like” my pitch?

Please don’t be disheartened. This is a very subjective business and some books pitch better than others or it might be that your work isn’t quite commercial enough for us. Other agents may well feel differently so you should keep writing and pitching your work to potential agents.

If my book was previously published (or self-published), can I pitch it?

No, we are only looking for completely new, unpublished work.

What if I can’t be on Twitter on that day?

We advise you to schedule your tweet so that we can view it within the time frame on Tuesday 28th June.

When will I hear back about my submission?

We aim to respond to submissions from your “liked” tweets within two weeks.

What are the hashtags I can use to describe my book’s genre?

Here are a list of hashtags you can use to identify the genre of your work. If you’re struggling to find an exact fit, you can use multiple hashtags – or if you don’t have enough characters, feel free to simply use the #PitchtoDA, that’s fine too!

#Crime = Crime/Thriller
#Womens = Women’s Fiction

#Fantasy = Fantasy Fiction
#Historical = Historical Fiction
#Mystery = Mystery
#Romance = Romance
#BookClub = Bookclub
#Speculative = Speculative Fiction

We are also running a submissions webinar on Wednesday 29th June at 5:30pm. Registration can do completed at the link below.

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    Thank you for the opportunity. I am really excited about this! Lisa Graham (L.D. Rex)

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