Getting to know Clare Wallace – Rights Manager and Associate Agent

First of all, what is your role at the agency?

Me between Mary, the Rights Assistant, and Vicki, the Agency Editor

As the Rights Manager, I negotiate deals for translation rights all around the world for all the Agency’s authors. I’m also scouting for new talent and am looking for commercial and accessible literary general fiction and all types of women’s fiction.

Which book changed your life?

My first book

My dad made me my first book. My parents used to call me ‘Boo’ and the book’s called ‘Boo’s Own.’ It’s nearly thirty years old now. The pages are loose and it’s covered in scribbles and all sorts of smudges and stains that show it’s been well used by a small person – like one of those dirty old teddy bears that have been loved so much their stuffing is coming out and they’ve got an eye missing. That book helped me learn to read and write – and I’ve been all about reading and writing ever since.

What book are you waiting for?

I’m looking for books with strong, vivid characters, an excellent plot and a well-balanced pace. I love books with an unusual premise too, like The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Lovely Bones, Room, Before I Go To Sleep, The Road Home and Sister. I’m also excited about The Age of Miracles, but I haven’t read it yet.

You are stranded on a desert island. You can choose one luxury item to take with you, one celebrity guest to join you and you will be granted one wish (which you cannot use to wish yourself off the island). What and who do you pick?

My luxury item would be a Gibson acoustic guitar. My celebrity guest would be the gorgeous George Harrison. My wish would be for a magic bookshelf that replenished itself once a month with the latest bestsellers.

I can’t play guitar but George can – and he knows a few good tunes too.

Share your favourite quotation:

‘Remember, for every no you receive you are one step closer to a yes’ Stephen King

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  1. wole says:

    Reading your blog post has done nothing but boast my confidence. Thanks a lot for this interview. It has touched someone’s life.

  2. Well I am adding this RSS to my email and could look out for much more of your respective interesting content. Ensure that you update this again very soon..

  3. jeannie7 says:

    Hi, just found you while looking for an agent. Will follow you now! In a good way! I specially like the Stephen King quote!.. Just collected my first ‘no’.

  4. Wow, this is so amazing. I have been combing the net for an agent who likes books with an unusual premise, like The Time Traveler’s Wife! I will get back to you Clare.
    A:L. Bright

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