Darley Anderson – Agent Wishlist

What genre of fiction are you looking for?

Adult Fiction

I am looking specifically for thrillers with a strong central character set in America, Ireland or other internationally appealing locations, as well as and tear-jerking love stories.

I am also working with my assistant, Rebeka Finch, who is building a contemporary romance fiction list (full details below).

Children’s Books

I am also the Managing Director of the Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency and am looking specifically for books featuring an original series character and animal stories.

What do you look for in a submission?

I am now extremely selective about which new entertainment fiction writer I would take on and represent. What I look for above all else is a writer that has created a memorable main character, as my author Lee Child did with his character Jack Reacher.

If you can create a truly great, truly memorable character, either for the adult or the children’s market, then ‘I’m your man.’

As Lee child memorably said: ‘Everyone remembers the Lone Ranger. No one remembers a Lone Ranger story.’

Contemporary Romance – Rebeka Finch

As a lover and avid reader of contemporary romantic fiction I am thrilled to be building such an exciting list with Darley at the Agency. I’m excited to work with new authors on the type of books that as a reader, I read.

I am looking for character driven contemporary romances similar to the likes of Elena Armas’ The Spanish Love Deception, Ali Hazelwood’s The Love Hypothesis and Christina Lauren’s Love and Other Words. I’m a huge fan of modern romances. Particularly of the friends/enemies to lovers tropes as well second chance love stories and forced proximity romances. I’m also always on the look out for a bit of spice in my books.

I am also looking for contemporary new adult romance that bridges the gap between YA and adult fiction for the 20 something lover of romantic fiction. Think, Elle Kennedy, Lauren Asher, Sarah J Maas and Raven Kennedy.  

Full submission guidelines can be found on our website, www.darleyanderson.com/submissions.


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