Welcome to the Darley Anderson Illustration Agency

We have big news! We are thrilled to announcement that the new Darley Anderson Illustration Agency is open for business!

Over the past few months, we at the Darley Anderson Agency have been working away to establish a new Agency exclusively for Illustrators. The new agency, the Darley Anderson Illustration Agency is already thriving with prize-winning clients such as Claire Powell, Lorna Scobie and Zanna Goldhawk and is on the lookout for on new talent.

Any great agency needs a great website, so we’re excited to launch the new site to showcase our clients’ stunning illustrations in a way befitting of their talent. Please take a moment to head over and have a look, we promise it won’t be a disappointment! http://darleyandersonillustration.com/

The new agency will be headed up by agent Clare Wallace, along with Lydia Silver who will also be agenting. Both Clare and Lydia have vast experience in the world of publishing and already have a growing number of illustrator clients they work closely with. They are actively on the look-out for new talent and would love to find the next big thing in illustration.

If you’re an illustrator or an author-illustrator looking for representation and think we’d be the agency for you, we’d love to hear from you! Send us your work either as a PDF attachment or in the body of your email, along with links to social media channels and websites you use to display your work. We’d also like to hear of any experience you may have and do make sure to tell us a little bit about yourself – we love to see a submission with personality!

As per our guidelines, we ask that you only submit to one agent. Clare and Lydia work very closely together and frequently discuss submissions of interest. You can find their wish lists on our website, which should help you decide the agent that would best suit you and your illustration style.

Why not also check out our new Instagram and Twitter accounts for more from our clients and the Agency.

We look forward to hearing from you and we can’t wait to see our new Agency grow!

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