Agency Newsletter


Here is the roundup from the last month at the agency which is slightly later than usual, apologies. This is because it’s Frankfurt season! And there is lots of exciting work to be done in preparation for the fair.

For those of you who don’t know, the Frankfurt Book Fair is primarily a rights fair where publishers and rights teams meet for, quite often, back-to-back meetings over the week, selling and acquiring book rights. These fairs are a great opportunity for publishers, agents and editors to discuss the kind of books they are interested in acquiring or, for us, pitch books they are representing.

Foreign rights are a hugely important part of the industry and the fair is one of the few times in the year when agents and publishers from all around the world can meet face to face.

Look out for next month’s newsletter with a roundup of all the news from the fair.

In this month’s edition, I nearly ran out of room as we had so many bestsellers, award wins, new languages and brilliant endorsements from powerhouse authors. It’s all good news!

Remember to download the PDF for best quality. It also looks great if you print it out…

Very best wishes,


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