Agency Newsletter: February

Hello all you bloggers out there,

I am very pleased to present you with the first Agency Newsletter, a roundup of all the exciting things that have been going on at the agency and with our lovely authors.

I’m Kristina, I recently joined the agency as the Rights Assistant, supporting Mary and Emma who work incredibly hard securing the foreign rights for our talented writers.

There is so much amazing stuff going on at the moment we couldn’t fit it all in! So make sure to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We would love to hear from you, feel free to leave comments below and let us know what you would like see in the newsletter or on the blog.

Happy Friday!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fascinated by DA’s tale of a great author nearly missed in Erik Storey. Would be good to know when we in the UK can get our hands on the tome. Also, could DA perhaps let us know what it was that he saw in the book, and why so many others missed it? Could it be that the literary world is filled with well intentioned but mitten people in the wrong profession? I think we should be told. 😉 PabloJ.

    1. darleyblog says:

      Hi Paul,
      It really is a testament to Darley who has such a great eye and focuses on the what the readers would like to read.He’s also a fantastic business man and terrific deal maker.
      Who knows why so many others missed it, but I’m sure they’re going to live to regret it! Best, Kristina

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