You Can Bet on Kerry Fisher!

In hugely exciting news, Kerry Fisher’s second novel, The Island Escape, has gone to No.7 on the Kindle chart!

We are all thrilled for her back at DA HQ and Kerry is feeling rosy about being a Kindle bestseller… she’s dyed her hair pink in celebration!Hair dye Kerry Fisher

Before the publication of The Island Escape, Kerry decided to make an unusual bet with her teenage daughter, Michaela – if The Island Escape made it into the Kindle top 100, she would dye her hair pink… and so she has!

Michaela and me3

Kerry said: ‘I never thought it would happen in a million years, so I was enjoying the kudos of appearing cool without worrying that I would ever have to deliver. I started to get a bit nervous when the book reached 122 in the charts. I knew I’d have to go through with it when we got up one morning and saw that it had reached 98…but now it’s at No.7, way beyond anything I could have hoped for, I’m delighted to keep my side of the bargain.’

Congratulations, Kerry, here’s to being a bestseller!

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8 Photos You Don’t Want to Miss of Cesca Major’s Launch Week

To celebrate Cesca Major’s debut novel, The Silent Hours, the Darley Anderson team joined Cesca and her publisher, Corvus, at The Hollywood Arms and launched the book in style!

One very proud author with a finished copy of her book

Cesca with her book

Happy Cesca talking to her fabulous editor, Louise, from Corvus

Cesca talking to her editor Louise Cullen

Cesca giving a wonderful thank you speech

Cesca giving her speech

Cesca with the lovely publication gift from her husband, Ben

Cesca with PB cover - gift from her husband Ben

Cesca and the incredible Novelicious team

Cesca with Team Novelicious


The Silent Hours in local independent bookshop, Nomad Books!

Cesca in a bookshop...

Cesca’s glowing review in Heat Magazine!

Cesca in Heat

And another fantastic review in Woman & Home!

Cesca in Woman and Home

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7 Pictures of Beth Reekles’ Book Launch You Don’t Want to Miss

To celebrate the publication of Beth Reekles’ novella, Cwtch Me If You Can, in association with the Quick Reads scheme, Clare Wallace joined Beth at the launch at Cardiff’s Pierhead Building. 

Led by former Welsh rugby captain, Gareth Thomas, Beth is one of eight authors selected to participate for 2015. The Quick Reads campaign aims to break down barriers and get more adults in Wales reading by producing short, snappy books available from libraries, bookshops and online. 

1. This photo of Beth with all the other fantastic authors on the Quick Reads scheme.

Beth2 being photographed with other authors

2. This photo of Beth giving a dynamic speech about Cwtch Me If You Can to all the press in attendance.

Beth2 Giving Speech to press

3. This one of Beth signing copies of her book with her editor, Rebecca, from Accent Press.

Beth signing books with her editor Rebecca Lloyd of Accent Press

4. This one of a very happy author with her finished book. 

Beth with a copy of Cwtch Me If You Can

5. This one of books on cupcakes because who doesn’t love both of those things together.

Book cupcakes

6. And this one of a very proud agent with her author.

Me and Beth with the book

7. And, last but not least, one of all the books for Quick Reads 2015, in all their shining glory.

More books

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Two Minutes with Phaedra Patrick

Mary Darby joined newest Darley Anderson author, Phaedra Patrick, for the next in our fabulous new video series.

Phaedra’s début novel, THE CURIOUS CHARMS OF ARTHUR PEPPER, was snapped up both in the UK and US by Mira Books (Harlequin). The reaction abroad has been brilliant and the following FIVE territories have also been charmed by Arthur: Brazil, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden. You can read more about this here.

THE CURIOUS CHARMS OF ARTHUR PEPPER follows Arthur after he discovers a mysterious charm bracelet previously owned by his wife and sets off on a wonderful, and surprising, journey of self-discovery.

For everything else you’d like to know, including what’s next for Arthur and Phaedra’s inspiration behind writing, please see below…

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Two Minutes with Beth Reekles

Clare Wallace joined teen writing sensation, Beth Reekles, for the next in our new video series with Darley Anderson authors. Clare and Beth discussed wonderful writing plans, most treasured possessions and goals for the future.

Beth August 2014 (Quick Reads) credit Rolf Marriott

As you may know, Beth was snapped up by Random House in a three-book deal aged seventeen and has published three novels: THE KISSING BOOTH, ROLLING DICE and OUT OF TUNE. Beth’s newest novella, CWTCH ME IF YOU CAN, will be published on 16th March as part of the Quickreads scheme with Accent Press.

The Kissing BoothCwtch Me If You Can final for website

Amongst other topics, it seemed particularly relevant to get Beth’s opinion on social media and the internet including the pressing concerns for teenagers online; particularly as she was signed up by a publisher from an online sharing platform and not traditionally through an agent. Beth has talked a lot about her journey to publication and beyond and you can see her speak at the TedxTeen event here.

For everything else you would like to know about Beth, including her favourite crisp flavour and her favourite author, see below…

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3 Pictures and a Video You Don’t Want to Miss of Kim Slater’s Award Celebrations

Clare Wallace joined the lovely (and critically acclaimed) YA author, Kim Slater, for a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired Afternoon Tea to chat books and celebrate all the exciting awards that Kim has been nominated for.

We were absolutely delighted and bursting with pride when we found out that Kim was longlisted for the Carnegie Medal AND the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize! Kim has also been wonderfully shortlisted for:  the St Helen’s Libraries Book Awards (BASH) 2015, the Leeds Book Award 2015 and  the Shropshire Teenage Book Award 2015.

If you’ve ever wanted to see an ecstatic author celebrating awards news, here’s three pictures that show just that.

Kim with her tea

Kim with her tea

Kim with her agent, Clare

Kim with her agent, Clare

Kim with her yummy chocolate milkshake

Kim with her yummy chocolate milkshake

AND, to kick off the Darley Anderson new video series ’77 Questions’, where 77 questions will be posed to agency staff or authors, we asked Kim a quick-fire 20 on what her journey with Smart has meant to her.

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Manuscript Wishlist: Camilla Wray

As it’s the beginning of a shiny, fresh new year we thought we would get our fantastic agents to write up their manuscript wishlists for 2015.

We’re kicking things off with what Camilla Wray hopes to find in her lovely slushpile…

#MSWL If I could wish upon a storytelling star…

As agents we’re always looking for what I secretly think of as business mind wants; stories that fit trends (in publishing and culturally), fill gaps in the market, are natural steps forward from bestsellers, or stories and characters that fall into a publisher’s wish list. These are what our agent minds keep an eye out for and what we then often have to fight tooth and nail to represent.

However, also creeping alongside these wants are our heart’s greatest wishes; characters, settings and stories we’d personally fall head-over-heels in love with and would kill to find as readers, even though they might not be what’s en vogue right now. For me, this is why #MSWL is so exciting – I can already hear the beat of my heart’s wishes thundering away. A way to find your dream book? YES, please!

For #MSWL there are three manuscripts across fiction I’d absolutely adore and crave to find. They are career goal finds in a way but whenever they’re ready to cross my path, I’m ready for them…

One: Soldier, Soldier

You may not remember this TV programme but growing up I was obsessed with Soldier, Soldier. The drama, characters, and idea that life and death can live so close together really fascinated me.

I would absolutely love to find a modern day story or series that touches on how it really feels to be in the armed forces; for a soldier who’s had to watch their best friend be changed forever by war, for the husband or wife who can never really understand, for the child whose parent has lived for stretches of a time where every decision could kill them only to come home and be faced with decisions about dinner, washing and what to watch on TV. It’s the real life grit, tears, hopes, devastation and laughs that I feel deserve the chance to be part of a fiction series.

I recently had the amazing luck to start watching Grey’s Anatomy after our brilliant Rights Executive, Emma, told me to give it a try, and in a sense this is what I’d love to find based around the armed forces. Perhaps set in a barracks following a group of people – soldiers, friends, husbands, girlfriends, lovers, sons etc – and the reader really learning what it’s like to be them. In a sense, also like how Jilly Cooper took a village and we obsessively followed her characters; warts and all. As readers you believe these people are real and live everything as they do, you become addicted to finding out everything about these people and the life they live which is so different from yours.

Two: Animal drama for all ages

When I was little I adored listening to my Dad read Colin Dann’s The Animals of Farthing Wood, and Robin Jarvis’ The Deptford Mice. Although an animal obsessive (at eight, I covered all four walls of my room in ripped out National Geographical Magazine pages) they equally intrigue and, if I’m honest, scare me. Do we really know what they’re thinking, or what they’re actually doing when we’re watching (or not watching)?

It’s so easy to view animals from a human point-of-view and so instinctively we push our homosapien assumptions and emotions onto them; but what is it really like to be the little mouse with a stump of a tail that lives on the Turnpike Lane underground tracks? (sadly I ask this question too many times).  Or the little scrawny pigeon with a melted right foot that is always the last to get any food? (Did you know people actually put acid on buildings that erodes away pigeon’s feet? Or that pigeons mate for life and always live where they’re born?)

I really think we’re really ready for a new big scale animal drama adventure series and would absolutely love to find this. Something that either creates a whole new world around everyday animals or creatures; or takes something like wild animals in cities and shows us things we’ve never thought of before, a social hierarchy whilst telling a brilliant tale readers of all ages can become obsessed with.

Three: Sliding Doors…

Ever since the film Sliding Doors the idea of ‘what if’ has been an obsession. We make little decisions every day without thought, but what would have happened if we’d gone left instead of right? Would we have met someone – the one – and left everything else behind? Or would we have been faced with a huge catastrophe that would change our lives forever? It’s a really simple idea that has so much power behind it and I’d love to find a story that follows this idea. Perhaps two storylines running parallel following the same character(s) if they’d gone left that day, or right, or back, or forward, or just stopped…

It doesn’t just have to sit in women’s fiction; a thriller with this angle could also be mind-blowing. We’d have the same crime, but would it be the same outcome? It’s this manipulation of fate and time that really excites me and, as we’ve seen with books like One Day, I think there is a huge appetite for stories that take something simple like one day a year, or one decision, and shows the reader what could have been.

NB: To quickly touch on ‘business mind’ wants, we could rattle away about this for hours and it really deserves its own blog slot down the line. But, as a whole, I think the key is to look around, push yourselves to think as a reader living and breathing today, and then push harder and slightly outside the box. What’s on the charts today? Is it a surprise sell, or does it fit into a trend? How long has this trend been in our lives? What would you love to read and are finding it hard to put your hungry mitts on? These are all a great place to start.

Check out Camilla’s twitter feed for more @CamillaWray

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