How To Launch How To Get Ahead In Television

Love At First Write winner, Sophie Cousens had her début novel, How To Get Ahead in Television, published by Corvus last Thursday.

Sophie entered and won the competition jointly run in 2014 by Corvus and LoveReading, and Clare Wallace was so impressed she signed Sophie to the agency immediately! 

So, last night, we went along to the launch in The Crown & Two Chairman, in TV-central Soho, to see how Sophie launched How To Get Ahead In Television

  1. Get an incredible cake made of your book.

1. Sophie and her cake2. Get a download table so everyone can get a copy right now.

2. Get a download table3. Get an author/agent selfie. Obvs.

3.take a selfie4. Get a crowd of lovely people.

4. get a crowd5. Hang out with the amazing team at Corvus who made it all happen

5. hang out with the ladies from corvus6. Advertise everywhere. Even in cheeky places.

6. advertise everywhere cheeky7. Give out cards so the lovely crowd can spread the word.

7. cards

8. Get papped eating your own book.

8. get papped eating your cake

A selection of LoveReading fans said…

‘A face paced romantic comedy that will keep you hooked from start to finish.’

‘Where do I begin with this book? It makes you laugh, cringe and smile like a goof. It’s absolutely amazing.’

‘An upbeat brilliant book that will lift your spirits and make you laugh.’

You can get yours hands on Sophie’s book here. You can also visit Sophie’s website for more helpful tips: And follow her on Twitter @SophieCous.

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4 Photos You Don’t Want to Miss of Caroline Crowe’s Picture Book launch!

Pirates in Pyjamas, Caroline Crowe’s first picture book, set sail in style with a nautical launch party on board the amazing Golden Hinde in London ahead of its official publication today!

There were plenty of fearsome-looking pirates keen to pit their wits against the ship’s Captain in a series of treasure hunts and games, as well as a reading of the book from Caroline and a brilliant drawing demonstration from illustrator Tom Knight. It was a fantastic morning and the perfect pirate celebration for Captain Grotbeard and his crew!

1.One very excited author reading from her book

photo 1

2. A very fearsome pirate ready to sail the seven seas

photo 2

3. Gorgeous finished editions of Pirates in Pyjamas

photo 3

4. Caroline and fantastic illustrator, Tom, aboard the Golden Hinde!

photo 4

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An Interview with G.X. Todd

G.X. Todd, agented by our Camilla Wray, is the newest author to join the Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency! Gemma’s debut series was snapped up in a knockout six-figure pre-empt by Headline’s Publishing Director, Mari Evans. Translation rights have also already sold to Brazil. (Full summary of the series below!)

Emma Winter was able to catch five minutes with Gemma between writing and her day job (*coolest job ever alert*  mobile librarian) to discuss Pilgrim, heroes and everything in between. 

Gemma Todd May 2015

Emma Winter: Firstly, congratulations! How does it feel to know that there are going to be lots of people reading your book?

G.X. Todd: Well, I was ecstatic when I got three people to read it, so the thought of more is…what’s a better word than ‘ecstatic’? That.

EW: How did you develop the idea for DEFENDER? Did you always know it was going to be a series?

GT: I like writing about isolation. I like putting people into harsh situations. And, most of all, I like writing about things that interest me: in this case, the human psyche, loneliness, and the psychology of violence.

I wrote the first book as a standalone, but as soon as I typed The End, I thought ‘You know what, I love these characters. There’s so much we can do with them, do with the world. Let’s run with it.’ So I ran, and I’m still trying to catch up.

EW: Could you give us a little summary of the series – how do you see it panning out across all four books?

GT: 21st Century life no longer exists. Mankind has disintegrated. A locked part of the human psyche has been awakened, and the Voices have emerged. In a desolate world, paranoia and survival are the new laws of the land, and when dangerous factions of Voice-hearers begin to gather their numbers, bent on eradicating anyone who can’t hear a Voice of their own, it comes down to a chosen few to stand up and fight.

In essence, I’m seeing it pan out in epic terms, but on a very individual, human level. The core characters (Lacey, Pilgrim, Alex, Addison, etc.) are the real heart of series, and it’ll be in their struggle, their fight, that the story truly lies.

EW: All of the characters are very compelling, did they arrive fully formed in your head or did some take some work to become fleshed out?

GT: Pilgrim came fully-formed as if he’d been waiting for me to find him. He’s fun to write, too, because he’s pretty cantankerous. Lacey is what I think my eldest niece might be like in another 8 years (and if we suffered a catastrophic event), so her head took some work getting inside. Alex was maybe the hardest of them all because she’s the most unlike me. And finally Voice is a smart-ass. Strangely enough, writing Smart-Ass comes naturally to me.

EW: How did it feel to be told your book was going to be published?

GT: *add ALL the superlatives here* Exhilarating and terrifying in equal measures. And when the big emotions settled, I felt sad because my dad isn’t here to share it with me. He’d have been really proud.

EW: How long did it take to write DEFENDER?

GT: The first draft took maybe six months. It was a pleasure to write; it came out all in one go. It’s the redrafting that can be a slog. It began life at around 90,000 words, and is now hitting 120,000.

EW: By day, you’re a mobile librarian tell us a little bit about your amazing job; what are the best bits, what are the worst bits?

GT: Best bits: the books (obviously); the people I work with; having enthusiastic conversations with customers; the pride that comes from squeezing the library van through a tiny gap without demolishing any car side-mirrors.

Worst bits: Seeing how isolated and lonely some of our elderly borrowers are. Government cuts. Bad drivers (they’re everywhere).

EW: Where do you get your inspiration for writing from?

GT: The belief that it’s possibly the only thing I’m decent at. So I’d best make the most of it.

EW: Which authors do you most admire?

GT: This list could be endless. Richard Matheson, Stephen King, Karen Joy Fowler, Miriam Toews, Jim Thompson, John Wyndham. (Honourable mention: Richard Laymon.)

EW: If you were going to have a literary dinner party, who would you invite?

GT: I have this answer already prepared! Margaret Atwood, JK Rowling, Stephen King, and Ray Bradbury (if he were still here).

EW: Do you have any tips for writers?

GT: If you’re writing a series: PLAN EVERYTHING IN ADVANCE. It’ll make your life so much easier.

Generally, though, just keep the faith. If you believe you’re writing something that deserves to be read, don’t give up.

EW: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

GT: Peel your bananas from the bottom. It’s how monkeys do it. They know what they’re doing.

EW: What do you think are the key things for debut authors to keep in mind?

GT: Don’t be afraid to ask for help or clarification. You’re not alone anymore – you have a team of people who want you to succeed.

Keep writing stuff you enjoy, and stories that excite you. Because believe me, you have to love it – you’ll be reading the damn thing a 100 times over before you’re done.

EW: What are you most looking forward to on your publication journey?

GT: Definitely meeting the readers. It’s such a lonely job. To have someone outside of your own head read it, experience it, and then want to talk to you about it. That’s pure magic.

EW: Who inspires you most?

GT: My mom. Cheesy, I know, but she’s the strongest person I know. Brain surgery at age 42, living daily with disability, and losing my dad three years ago to cancer, and she’s still getting on with it. Rock solid.

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You Can Bet on Kerry Fisher!

In hugely exciting news, Kerry Fisher’s second novel, The Island Escape, has gone to No.7 on the Kindle chart!

We are all thrilled for her back at DA HQ and Kerry is feeling rosy about being a Kindle bestseller… she’s dyed her hair pink in celebration!Hair dye Kerry Fisher

Before the publication of The Island Escape, Kerry decided to make an unusual bet with her teenage daughter, Michaela – if The Island Escape made it into the Kindle top 100, she would dye her hair pink… and so she has!

Michaela and me3

Kerry said: ‘I never thought it would happen in a million years, so I was enjoying the kudos of appearing cool without worrying that I would ever have to deliver. I started to get a bit nervous when the book reached 122 in the charts. I knew I’d have to go through with it when we got up one morning and saw that it had reached 98…but now it’s at No.7, way beyond anything I could have hoped for, I’m delighted to keep my side of the bargain.’

Congratulations, Kerry, here’s to being a bestseller!

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8 Photos You Don’t Want to Miss of Cesca Major’s Launch Week

To celebrate Cesca Major’s debut novel, The Silent Hours, the Darley Anderson team joined Cesca and her publisher, Corvus, at The Hollywood Arms and launched the book in style!

One very proud author with a finished copy of her book

Cesca with her book

Happy Cesca talking to her fabulous editor, Louise, from Corvus

Cesca talking to her editor Louise Cullen

Cesca giving a wonderful thank you speech

Cesca giving her speech

Cesca with the lovely publication gift from her husband, Ben

Cesca with PB cover - gift from her husband Ben

Cesca and the incredible Novelicious team

Cesca with Team Novelicious


The Silent Hours in local independent bookshop, Nomad Books!

Cesca in a bookshop...

Cesca’s glowing review in Heat Magazine!

Cesca in Heat

And another fantastic review in Woman & Home!

Cesca in Woman and Home

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7 Pictures of Beth Reekles’ Book Launch You Don’t Want to Miss

To celebrate the publication of Beth Reekles’ novella, Cwtch Me If You Can, in association with the Quick Reads scheme, Clare Wallace joined Beth at the launch at Cardiff’s Pierhead Building. 

Led by former Welsh rugby captain, Gareth Thomas, Beth is one of eight authors selected to participate for 2015. The Quick Reads campaign aims to break down barriers and get more adults in Wales reading by producing short, snappy books available from libraries, bookshops and online. 

1. This photo of Beth with all the other fantastic authors on the Quick Reads scheme.

Beth2 being photographed with other authors

2. This photo of Beth giving a dynamic speech about Cwtch Me If You Can to all the press in attendance.

Beth2 Giving Speech to press

3. This one of Beth signing copies of her book with her editor, Rebecca, from Accent Press.

Beth signing books with her editor Rebecca Lloyd of Accent Press

4. This one of a very happy author with her finished book. 

Beth with a copy of Cwtch Me If You Can

5. This one of books on cupcakes because who doesn’t love both of those things together.

Book cupcakes

6. And this one of a very proud agent with her author.

Me and Beth with the book

7. And, last but not least, one of all the books for Quick Reads 2015, in all their shining glory.

More books

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Two Minutes with Phaedra Patrick

Mary Darby joined newest Darley Anderson author, Phaedra Patrick, for the next in our fabulous new video series.

Phaedra’s début novel, THE CURIOUS CHARMS OF ARTHUR PEPPER, was snapped up both in the UK and US by Mira Books (Harlequin). The reaction abroad has been brilliant and the following FIVE territories have also been charmed by Arthur: Brazil, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden. You can read more about this here.

THE CURIOUS CHARMS OF ARTHUR PEPPER follows Arthur after he discovers a mysterious charm bracelet previously owned by his wife and sets off on a wonderful, and surprising, journey of self-discovery.

For everything else you’d like to know, including what’s next for Arthur and Phaedra’s inspiration behind writing, please see below…

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