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Congratulations to the winner of February’s MONSTER OF THE MONTH:
Sophia Roberts from Jersey in the Channel Islands!

Sophia sent us this description of a particularly nasty monster she encountered recently:

I forgot that my mam had given me some home-made fish pie two weeks ago and found the mouldy (and very smelly) remnants of it whilst cleaning last night.

Illustrator Jon Holder got straight to work turning Sophia’s stinking two-week old fish pie into a Fridge Beast::

Sophia said: ‘This is amazing! I am going to put it up on my fridge to remind me to 1) actually eat the food my mam gives me and 2) clean it out once in a while! Ha ha! Thank you so much Jon for my Monster!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win your own personalised monster this month.

Send a description and/or photograph of your monster to clare@darleyanderson.com and Jon might just bring it to life for you (with terrifying results).

Entries for March’s MONSTER OF THE MONTH will close on Friday 29th March.