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Getting to know Rosanna Bellingham – Financial Controller

First of all, what is your role at the agency?

The Agency is alive with deals being done all over the world and it is my job to document these at the point when they appear here in ££s, €€s and $$s, swiftly transmit the funds to our authors and handle all associated admin, reporting and care.

Which book changed your life?

Eric Berne, Games People Play.  Who knew??

 What book are you waiting for?   

 The next Reacher. (Not sucking up. True).

You are stranded on a desert island. You can choose one luxury item to take with you, one celebrity guest to join you and you will be granted one wish (which you cannot use to wish yourself off the island). What and who do you pick? 

I am reluctant to whisk anyone to a desert island with me – I am scared of mice and not practical.  So, possibly someone dead who might be glad to be doing anything again, maybe Christopher Marlowe, Henry Fielding or Dostoyevsky. Or a childhood companion like Diccon from The Secret Garden in which case my wish would be to be 7 years old. Or I could get over myself and choose Dougie Poynter or Patrick J. Adams and wish to be 17 years old.  My sister would probably ace the luxury item with a spring of fresh water but if it’s allowed I’d choose my bedside table which is equipped with cigarettes, pens, books, a candlestick, phone, writing paper, make-up  – and Volvic.

 Share your favourite quotation:

‘This too will pass.’