Getting to know Andrea Messent – Agency Assistant

First of all, what is your role at the agency?

I am the Agency Assistant. I‘d like to think I help the office to run smoothly by helping out Darley Anderson and the rest of the team!

Which book changed your life?

The first book to have a strong emotional impact on me was The Corum Boy by Jamila Gavin. I read it on a family holiday when I was a child and cried throughout it and then cried when it was over. I then repeated the whole process a couple of years later. It is such a captivating book – although I’m sure my parents got a bit tired of the tears.

What book are you waiting for?

I am a huge Agatha Christie fan and would really love to read a whodunnit style mystery, perhaps with a modern-day Miss Marple at the forefront! My favourite kind of stories are the ones that lead the reader on, believing something which is suddenly turned around in an unexpected twist. That element of surprise and then realisation, wondering how it is possible that you did not see the truth from the start, is something I really enjoy in books.

You are stranded on a desert island. You can choose one luxury item to take with you, one celebrity guest to join you and you will be granted one wish (which you cannot use to wish yourself off the island). What and who do you pick?

My luxury item would be a smoothie making machine, I’m hoping that my island would have a plentiful supply of fruit trees there! My celebrity guest would be the character Jonathan Creek (played by Alan Davies) as he is so clever and interesting and I think his superb ability to solve mind-boggling problems means he’d have great survival skills and could  help me come up with a plan to get home again. My wish would be a school of tame dolphins which I could ride around the island on and could take me away from the island if I tired of Jonathan’s company!

Share your favourite quotation:

‘And don’t spend your time lookin’ around                                                                                   For something you want that can’t be found                                                                                When you find out you can live without it                                                                                   And go along not thinkin’ about it                                                                                                    I’ll tell you something true
The bare necessities of life will come to you’ Baloo

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4 Responses to Getting to know Andrea Messent – Agency Assistant

  1. djpaterson says:

    OK, guys. Talking of stories that lead the reader on, believing something which is suddenly turned around in an unexpected twist. I’ve just been back to the start of this book/blog, analysing each chapter/post. Sure you’re a literary agency and not a model agency?

  2. philly says:

    twit twooo andrea you stunner! xx

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  4. Hi Andrea,
    Messent? rare name.
    funnily enough one of your namesakes Jan Messent is a romance novelist, and Serial Embroidery book author. (writes romance under the pseudonym Juliet Landon)

    Fun to read about other Messent’s
    Very best regards,
    Julian Messent,
    (Jan M’s son)

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